The issue of women’s voluntary service that is being considered by the Ministry of National Defense was mentioned by the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, during his greeting at the event organized by GEETHA for International Women’s Day.

“In principle, I have repeatedly said that the Government and I personally, that the great, the vast majority of Greek society believes in the citizen army. He believes very much in the armed citizen,” said Mr. Dendias.

“Certainly, the core, gentlemen, is always the professional core of the worthy officers of the Armed Forces.”

Then the Minister of Defense emphasized that “but also in the geopolitical context in which we move, and in the numerical context, we have to face a threat from a country much superior numerically to us, which will approach by the middle of the century or even exceed 100 million, we will be at 11- 12 million».

“So simple arithmetic imposes on us the Citizens’ Army. As well as the ideological concept that the armed citizen who defends his homeland, his ideals, his home, is always what distinguished Hellenism from the time of the founding of the city-state”he emphasized.

“In fact, the exhibition at this moment about the monument of Chaeronea and the related battle reminds us that this is very important.”

“So when we talk about the Citizen Army, you understand that it is completely incoherent to exclude half the population from this consideration” continued Mr. Dendias.

“It was like Hellenism instead of 11 million, to suddenly become 5.5 million or if you want the other way around. With the appeal to our female population, we are not 11.5 million, we become 22 million. You would notice that the female participation rate in (our neighboring country’s) military is somewhere around 0.3% compared to our very good one,” he added.

“The relevant legislation exists. It was on the board (of the screen). It is a piece of legislation from 1977 that shows how far Evangelos Averof and the then Government saw at the time” said Mr. Dendias.

“So the question is how do we implement this provision for volunteering – I repeat the voluntary so that there is no misunderstanding about it – conscription of women”.

“And in the coming weeks we will present to you together with the leadership of the Armed Forces an initial thought. On how we can in the best possible way exploit the human capital of our country, not only at the level of our executives, but also at the level of voluntary conscription. Starting with officer cadets in specific specialties, who will serve for a period of time and slowly – slowly progressing to wider sections of the female population, who would like to wear this honorable, but also very beautiful uniform that you wear. And to have in my opinion, the amazing experience to serve the Armed Forces of our country” said the defense Minister.