Visible from Corfu the ship with 237 passengers that caught fire


An alarm has been sounded in the Ionian Sea due to the fire that broke out on a ship off Igoumenitsa with 237 passengers. They have all been transported by boat and will be transported to Corfu where the local authorities are preparing to receive them.

A photo taken from Corfu and broadcast by SKAI on the show “Today” clearly shows the ship and dense smoke coming out.

Dimitris Koskinas, a resident of Corfu, described on the show that the black smoke has covered a large area of ​​Albania and Corfu, however no flames are visible anymore and he concludes that the fire has been extinguished.

“Before we could clearly hear some explosions,” said Mr Koskinas.

All the passengers are in good health and are in the lifeboats of the ship, while the process for their omission has begun, Deputy Minister of Shipping Costas Katsafados told SKAI earlier.

He said the captain ordered the ship evacuated because there was a large fire and added that the weather was good.

Three Coast Guard vessels, tugs and floating ships immediately rushed to the spot. Northwest winds 4 Beaufort are blowing in the sea area.

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