Thorn“, which, combined with the issue of copyright, is not in the interest of both businesses and Greek music creators, characterizes the General Confederation of Professional Craft Merchants of Greece, the proposed law plan from the Ministry of Culture: “Measures for the preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage, the protection and strengthening of Greek song and the orchestral musical performance of the Greek-language song” which was submitted to public consultation.

As noted by GSEVEE in its announcement, once again the business world of the country is faced with an, beyond and beyond all logic, intervention “above”, in the exercise of his business activity.

It is more than obvious, the announcement continues, that this draft law, with its provisions, cannot be implemented since it does not take into account the Specific features of the branches it will affect, where the company’s personality, as far as the musical repertoire is concerned, is its own choice and cannot be imposed, in Democracies, by a third party, especially when that third party is the state.

GSEVEE states that the specific proposed legislative intervention is yet another “thorn”, where combined with the unresolved issue of copyright, it is not in the interest of both businesses and Greek music creators.

The Union invites the ministry “to withdraw the specific draft law, because it is not the quota and the mix of the Greek-speaking in relation to the foreign musical song that promotes and supports our Greek musical cultural product, but the efforts of all of us to upgrade its quality and certainly not through fines, collecting logic of said legislative intervention”.

Finally, he adds, that “as we have emphasized many times, Greek businessmen unreservedly support the cultural product of our country, but these uncritical interventions, without the required dialogue with the institutions, only create problems and do not have positive results”.