More than 41,000 statements submitted by employees pensioners only in the first 18 days after the relevant was activated platform from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, in an indication that the reform of the insurance regime for pensioners who are already employed is yielding tangible results.

According to information, this means that the number of declared working pensioners is already approx 17% higher compared to the end of last year, i.e. before the 30% withholding of the pension was abolished.

In practice, the important increase of declared employed pensioners shows that the reform in the first phase he achieves the three main ones targets of: tackling the undeclared work of pensioners, incentivizing qualified “fighters” to return to the “ramparts” by contributing to economic activity and increasing state revenues by broadening the tax base, with lower rates.

With the new regime, pensioners who remain active in the market as employees pay only 10% on their insurable earnings in favor of e-EFKA, without any withholding from the pension. In fact, certain categories, such as people with disabilities and those with many children, are entitled under certain conditions to be exempted from the payment of the resource in favor of the e-EFKA.

This implies additional income for each working pensioner, which can reach up to 3,500 euros per year.

Officials of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security pointed out that these results can be seen before even three weeks have passed since the launch of the platform, adding that the goal is to continue to improve all indicators in order to achieve the multifaceted goals of the reform.