The Metropolitan Hospital, in Faliro, a member of the HHG Group, is the only nursing center in Greece and one of the few in the Southeast Mediterranean and the Balkans, where the method is systematically applied.

“This particular method is applied at the Model Center for Radiotherapeutic Oncology, which has been operating since 2008 at the Metropolitan Hospital. It is used in the treatment of gynecological tumors, breast cancer, prostate cancer, but also all oncological diseases that are suitable for this technique.

The Radiation Oncology Center, one of the most advanced foreign centers, is an integrated radiation therapy center with the possibility of applying all modern protocols and treatments to oncology patients.

Specifically, brachytherapy involves the invasive irradiation of tumors from the inside, achieving a targeted and precise administration of radiation, adapted to the shape of the tumors, while at the same time protecting the vital organs and healthy tissues, offering significant hope for the recovery of patients.” says the Mr. Athanasios Dimopoulos Director Coordinator of the Radiation Oncology Department at Metropolitan Hospital And it continues:

“Indeed, for breast cancer, accelerated radiation is applied which, compared to conventional radiation therapy, has the great advantage of irradiating only the tumor bed, with the result that the surrounding organs are not affected at all, i.e. the heart, the skin and the lung.
The innovative method of intra-tissue brachytherapy is applied in Greece, thanks to the latest generation systems, which the Metropolitan Hospital has and is a “revolution” in the treatment of oncology patients.

State-of-the-art radiotherapy machines

Metropolitan Hospital’s state-of-the-art equipment includes the Halcyon®, True Beam®, Edge® and Bravos® machines.


• The Halcyon® offers high-quality treatments with the utmost precision, in a minimum of time, with maximum safety and minimum burden.
• The True Beam® intended for treatments in a limited time with maximum precision and for technically difficult treatments in any area of ​​the body. It provides the ability to control the patient’s breathing and track moving targets.
• The Edge® is the fastest radiosurgery system and combines maximum precision and safety with a friendly environment for the patient while allowing real-time treatment monitoring.
• The Bravos® is the latest generation afterloading system for the administration of brachytherapy available at the Metropolitan Hospital. It is the only one that provides automated quality checks before starting and during treatment.

Significant benefits for patients

With the application of the pioneering method of image-guided brachytherapy, state-of-the-art medical technological equipment and specialized medical and nursing staff, Metropolitan Hospital applies the most modern techniques of radiosurgery and radiation therapy, achieving leaps and bounds in the treatment of many types of cancer.

“The benefit that patients have is great. In some patients with very large gynecological tumors, we have managed to control the disease in 95% of cases and the side effects are limited to very small percentages, below 3%”, emphasizes Mr. Dimopoulos.

*The Radiation Oncology Center, under the direction of Mr. Athanasios Dimopoulos, is in close collaboration with the surgical and oncology units of the Metropolitan Hospital. It is supported by the clinics of Molecular Biology-Genetics, Pathological Anatomy, Radiodiagnosis, Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT of the clinic. This perfect collaboration is underlined and strengthened by the weekly meetings of all medical specialties in the Oncology Councils of the Hospital. This mechanism ensures the objectivity and reliability of therapeutic decisions, which are adapted to the needs of each patient.

In addition, the highly trained external staff and highly respected scientists manning the Radiotherapeutic Oncology center (specialized doctors and radiophysicists) guarantee the best possible approach and treatment of even the most complex oncological problems. Experienced technologists, nurses and secretarial staff respond to the special requirements required by the overall support of oncology patients while ensuring comfortable and prompt service to patients and their companions.

Metropolitan Hospital continuously invests in the improvement of high-quality health services and cutting-edge technology to offer the possibility of pioneering therapeutic methods to patients, while offering the most modern comforts of functional hospitality and hospitalization.
True to its vision, Metropolitan Hospital is constantly evolving its services aspiring to provide better health and better life.

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