The exodus of the Thessalonians for the three-day carnival has begun, with the traffic on the streets increasing already from 10 in the morning and with the good weather as an ally.

The Thessaloniki-Athens itineraries of KTEL are three times longer than the originally planned ones, as pointed out by the president of KTEL THESSALONIKI S.A., Stefanos Tsolis.

Speaking to APE-MPE, Mr. Tsolis said: “Traffic is very high, almost every hour we add an extra route. Consider that on the Thessaloniki-Athens route, from 24 routes initially, we have reached 60 for the three-day period and this number cannot be ruled out to increase even more. The traffic from Athens to the periphery is more increased – there are 40 routes – while vice versa, from Thessaloniki to Athens, it is 20”.

In the meantime, traffic has started to increase on the Thessaloniki-Moudanion highway, with the people of Thessaloniki heading to Halkidiki, to spend the three days either in their country houses or in some accommodation, as well as on the Thessaloniki-Katerini highway. Traffic has started to pick up since the morning, but for now there are only a few minutes of delays.