BBB 24: Lucas tricks MC Bin Laden and sets up two different podiums during party

BBB 24: Lucas tricks MC Bin Laden and sets up two different podiums during party

It is common for BBB 24 participants to set up their ideal podium in the final of the program with three places. They occupy a place and choose two other participants to stay in the house until the last day of the reality show. But, Lucas Henrique still has doubts about who he wants around.

The professor told two different versions of his favorites at the party, during the early hours of this Saturday (16). The first was in the gnome room while MC Bin Laden vented, “for me my podium is me, Leidy and Bin”, he said.

At a certain point, Lucas and Pitel left the room, returned to the party area, talked to allies and went alone to the dance floor.

The capoeirista squeezed the social worker’s cheeks and gave her a hug. Then they talked about the MC. “He [Bin] He’s already tried to ask me three times if I’ll vote for him before you. [Pitel]”, confided the brother.

“Who do you vote for first? I want to know who I have to prioritize”, asked the sister. “You know the answers”, replied the man from Rio de Janeiro.

“Do you want to hear it from me? I vote for him [Bin] before you. I told you that you are my top 3. It’s Leidy and you”, she stated.

The woman from Alagoas tested her companion’s statement. “Why do I enter before him [no seu pódio]?” He questioned.

“I like you more. We built a friendship that involves games and transcends them”, explained the teacher.

Bin, unaware of the conversation between the two, already felt betrayed by his friend when he learned that he suggested that Giovanna put him in her sights for her vote.

The MC is not the first person to point out his brother’s betrayal. Camila Moura, Lucas’ ex-wife, ended her relationship with the participant after believing that her husband flirted with Pitel, on national television.

Source: Folha

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