A special event was presented today by the “Strategies of the Patron Carnival”, on the subject of the request for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures.

The “Generals”, brought members of a well-known Royal family, to donate… marbles to the city of Patras.

In fact, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christina Alexopoulou, was also a “Strategy” who participated in the event.

The members of the British royal family decided to visit Patras and return the marbles with the extraordinary route OxfordStreet–Tarabura.

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Prince “Haris of Bouloubina”, “Harry”, “Kate Middleton” princes and princesses and elite members of the ASCOT horse races, paraded through the main streets of Patras and addressed the people of Patras from the balcony of a central store on George I Square .

Then there was the established “Chocolate War” with a small parade of chocolate floats in the center of Patras.

Main photo from patrasevents.gr