One too many dangerous – even potentially fatal – attack it happened a few days ago at AUTHbefore the police operation of the police on Saturday and the 49 arrests.

The operation was carried out because the police had information that a group of people tried to remove the sheet metal outside the library under construction, in the former occupation of the Biological.

Finally, according to the newspaper “TA NEA”, it now turns out that hooded men had attacked with chainsaw in the basement of the School of Physics and Mathematics, where it is located nuclear reactor.

In fact, some of the arrested squatters tried to take them uranium plates from the reactor casing, with the risk of releasing a quantity of radioactivity from uranium rods or from a special neutron device.

Yesterday, the accused were acquitted, but the trial was adjourned to March 29 due to the absence of witnesses.

Those arrested in yesterday’s operation are accused of disrupting the operation of the service, damaging foreign property, violating the law on weapons and flares.