European cities they can reduce urban transport emissions by up to 90% by 2030reports Clean Cities reportthe European company dealing with transport and the environment.

To achieve this there will need to be swift sustainable action as well as political will to promote cycling, ‘green’ urban logistics of city center shops and public transport among others.

The study, called “Mission Zero”reviewed the measures in place in five major European cities (Brussels, Warsaw, Milan, Madrid and Manchester) to conclude that urban planners already have all the tools they need to significantly reduce transport emissions.

The study models different scenarios, such as public transport prioritization and electrification. The final scenario states that Municipalities and all relevant bodies should proceed as quickly as possible in the implementation of low or zero emission zones, while the fleet of cars should be converted to fully electric ones.

The combination of electrification and reduced car use, with the enhancement of all sustainable forms of transport (cycling, public transport) can not only reduce emissions by 90% by 2030, but can reduce overall energy use in all urban transport.

Considering the positive impact it will have on both energy consumption and emissions reduction (with all the benefits this reduction has in everyday life) it is likely that cities across Europe will start implementing these measures with absolute discipline and with the aim of significantly improving sustainable mobility in urban centers.