The history of the Athenian Club is characterized by its eclectic course and the culture it has shaped during its 149 years of existence.

The idea for the creation of the Club was born in the old Athens of 1875, a time when the capital of the newly established Greek state was a center of culture and social life.


From the first elite founders to its current members, the Athenian Club has maintained the philosophy of its original concept, which aimed to create a closed men’s space equivalent to the English Clubs, where entertainment and sporting activities would be combined with intellectual and social competition.


The list of personalities who have been members of the Athenian Club is impressive since, since its foundation, the then late King George I accepted to be honorary President of the Club and the Princes honorary Members and this is valid until today based on its Statute and in addition, it includes 29 prime ministers, ministers, academics, artists and many other leading representatives of the Greek and international community. With its outstanding and distinguished position in the social and cultural arena, the Athenian Club continues to be one of the most important institutions of Greek society, offering a space where aristocracy, intellectual development and social encounter coexist with harmony and courtesy.


From the time of its foundation until today, the Club continues to develop and adapt to the new requirements of the time, while maintaining the principles and traditions bequeathed to it by its predecessors. With a commitment to tradition and quality as a common denominator, the Diner Sophistry took over the operation of the famous restaurant of the Club.

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With a common denominator of the high level of excellence and selectivity, the collaboration of the Athenian Club with Deipnosophistrio, which lists 25 years of experience in the field of catering, is a synergy with a long-term horizon and aims at the culinary experience provided to the Members of the most historic club in the country .