Mauro Cezar Pereira loses case in which he asked for R$ 3.1 million from ESPN in court


Gabriel Vaquer

Considered one of the main sports journalists in Brazil, sports commentator Mauro Cezar Pereira partially lost a lawsuit he filed in court against ESPN, where he worked for 16 years. Mauro’s lawyers have already appealed the decision.

O F5 had access to the files, which are in the 28th Labor Court of São Paulo, linked to the TRT-2 (Regional Labor Court of the 2nd Region). The process was opened at the end of 2021.

Wanted by F5, Disney, owner of the sports channel, chose not to comment on the matter. Mauro Cezar Pereira also preferred not to comment, but his lawyer, Rafael Bonino, says that the appeal in the case has already been challenged in court.

“We do not agree with the Court’s decision. We have already filed an appeal for clarification. This appeal is analyzed by the same court that judged the ordinary appeal. In Mauro’s case, we understand that there is robust proof of subordination throughout the contract maintained with ESPN and not just during the period between October 2004 and 2008, a period in which the courts recognized the employment relationship”, says Bonino.

The journalist requested recognition of his employment relationship with ESPN in two roles. The first was as head of reporting, which he held in his first years of work, between 2004 and 2008. The second was as commentator, which he held from the end of the 2000s until his departure in 2020.

Mauro also says that he had a loss of earnings in 2018. At that time, the journalist stopped being exclusive to ESPN and started working for other vehicles. This occurred because of a salary reduction — which would have reached 25% in some cases — made by the channel at the time. He left TV in 2020 because he did not agree to return to being exclusive to Disney from 2021.

In the first instance, the court denied his request. After the commentator’s defense appealed, there was a trial in the second instance, on the 9th of this month.

Judge Sergio José Bueno Machado was the case’s rapporteur. He decided to only recognize the contract from his time as editor-in-chief, which had a much smaller amount in dispute — around 15% of the total action, in which Mauro was asking for R$3.1 million. Bueno’s vote was followed by the plenary.

Rafael Bonino, Mauro Cezar’s lawyer, adds that he does not rule out taking the case to higher levels. “Judging the embargoes, depending on the result, we will probably take the case to the TST (Superior Labor Court), in Brasília”, he comments.

Currently, Mauro Cezar Pereira works at Jovem Pan, comments on Campeonato Carioca games on the Goat channel and dedicates himself to his YouTube channel, where he has almost 1 million subscribers.

Source: Folha

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