The trial of Roula Pispirigou was suspended for April 5 for the deaths of her two youngest children, Malena and Iris, so that to continue the examination of Manos Daskalakis in the presence of the 35-year-old and her lawyer.

The advocate of Pispirigou Alexis Kougiasasked the court to adjourn the session so that he could attend the testimony of Manos Daskalakis, as today he continues his testimony in the trial for Georgina, calling it a “scandal” to try his principal for the same offense “simultaneously in two courts”.

As the lawyer mentioned in court “while you were listening to my speech from the next room, you decided to continue the examination of the witness Daskalakis (s.s.: means without the accused and her lawyer present). In order not to interrupt the process, I would beg you to allow me to examine Mr. Daskalakis as well. I’m in the next room defending her. Books will be written about this story.”

The Chief Prosecutor asked for the acceptance of Mr. Kouya’s request so that Daskalakis can be examined by the advocate in another hearing. The court adjourned today’s session.

The defendant’s lawyer told the court that Pispirigou is filing a lawsuit against Eva Ambaziappointed by the court, the lawyer of the father of the three girls, Manos Daskalakis, regarding the request for protection measures from the accused, which the lawyer submitted earlier to the court.

“The defendant is suing the lawyer of Mr. Daskalakis. The following slander was heard here, that allegedly the lady accused with her health problems, with 6 police officers guarding her, attacked a bulky man. Will he come out of Korydallos’ window to attack Daskalakis? He is suing her for defamation”said Mr. Kougias, provoking the reaction of Mrs. Ambazi, who stated that she reserves the right to file a lawsuit against the defendant.