The Ministry of Citizen Protection, with its announcement, refutes a Sunday newspaper article that claims that audio recordings were altered in the Tempe accident.

In detail, the ministry’s announcement states the following:

“Regarding an article in the newspaper “To BIMA tis Kyriakis” concerning the accident in Tempe, the Hellenic Police Headquarters announces an information note from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, according to which:

1. From the file kept at our Service it appears that with the no. 90111942 document from 2-3-2023 electronic files were sent with recordings of conversations concerning the Radio Telephone, the GSM-R System and the fixed telephone line of SS Larissa, in a portable storage device (USB), from the IT Maintenance Department of Systems and Electrification of the OSE at the Larissa Traffic Department. They were then presented to the aforementioned Police Service on 3-3-2023 and confiscated on 4-3-2023. They were then sent to our Service with the no. 1019/21/1-ria, from 14-3-2023 reference, in execution of the order from 9-3-2023 of the C Investigative Department of the Court of First Instance of Larisa.

2. Our Service prepared the no. 3022/21/8623-a΄from 22-3-2023 laboratory expert report in which hundreds of files were extracted accompanied by their technical characteristics such as date of creation, modification, size and alphanumeric identification, etc. It is noted that, among these files, the configuration audio files (.wav) named ‘CH1_000003e3_443.wav’ and ‘CH1_000003e4_443.wav’ are included. The files in question were stored on digital media in the form of appendices accompanying the relevant report.

3. For the case in question, other laboratory expert reports have been carried out, following relevant orders.

4. It is noted that our Service did not make a transcript for the case in question”.