Phone scam with booty 225,000 eurosaccording to the victim’s statement (a old woman), who lives alone in her town Kozanitook place on the evening of Monday, March 25th.

Unknown man, impersonating him policemanhe called her on the landline phone of her home and told her that a relative of hers was involved in traffic accident and that with his car he caused the death of a child.

At the same time, the woman heard a man crying on the phone and believed that it was indeed her relative.

The scammer, allegedly a police officer, initially allegedly asked her for a smaller amount of money in between 60,000 – 70,000 euros which, as he told her, would be given to the alleged family dead, from the traffic accident, of a child. He then allegedly asked her to give him all the money he had in the house, as he eventually did, a sum of 225,000 eurosmoney that came from a lifetime of savings.

Specifically, he asked her to put them in bag and to throw them from the window at an appointed time which he indicated to her – as it happened.

The alleged police officer continued to talk to her on the phone for some time until his accomplice walked away.

Her next day the elderly woman who spoke to her relative, who was allegedly involved in the car accident, found that nothing of all that the supposed policeman had told her on the phone had happened, realizing that she had fallen victim of phone fraud, then filing a lawsuit against strangers.

It should be noted that in recent days there has been a large number of complaints from citizens of the region about attempts at telephone fraud in similar ways.