A serious complaint is made by the president of the Medical Association of Magnesia, who together with the neurosurgeon Nikos Hautoura, offered first aid to a young man trooperwho was assistant in March 25 paradein the area of ​​the officials, on the beach of Volos, when he he lost his senses.

The young soldier passed out twice and despite strong recommendations for him to be taken by ambulance to Volos Hospital, his chief insisted on staying standing up in his place!

After his second collapse, he was withdrawn, but was not transferred to “Achillopoulio” as planned, but to the Military Infirmary of the “Georgoula” camp.

The president of the Medical Association in his open letter refers to the issue:

“On the occasion of the episode of loss of consciousness in a soldier bystander at the March 25 parade in Volos, in which I was present, as the president of the ISM (NPDD public health advisor) we request:

1. The presence of a fully equipped ambulance on Jasonos Street so that it has quick access anywhere on the beach where at least 5000 people gather. (In Iasonos, traffic should be stopped throughout the parade)

2. The presence of military health coverage with a military doctor and an ambulance.

I was deeply impressed by the insistence of the military officer in charge, that the patient soldier continue his service as a bystander, despite my strict recommendation for an immediate replacement, resulting in a second fainting episode.

Also, the patient was transported outside the parade area on foot, despite strict recommendations to the contrary to transport him by stretcher since there was no possibility for an ambulance.

It is obvious, I think, that human health and life are above formulas and rituals.”