The erection memorial for the victims of the train accident in Tempe the municipal council of the Municipality of Athens unanimously decided today Wednesday after a recommendation from the mayor Harry Doukas.

As Mr. Doukas mentioned: “More than a year after the tragedy, the Municipality of Athens, out of respect for the people who lost their lives and their relatives, wishes to honor their memory and unite his voice with all those who claim justice and a safe and just state […] We are committed, therefore, that a monument will be created, which will honor the memory of our fellow human beings and will keep the need for truth, justice and security undisturbed”.

The choice of the location, as well as the type of monument, will be decided together with the competent services of the municipality, in consultation with the association of the relatives of the victims, with which a meeting has already been held.

It is worth noting that the union of cleaning workers of the municipality asked to participate financially in the construction of the monument, as a tribute.

All factions agreed, although there had been “controversies” earlier, not about the construction of the monument, but about the issue that had arisen with the erasure of the names of the victims outside the Parliament, with Kostas Bakoyannis talking about shifting responsibilities and targeting employees from the municipal Authority, and Mr. Doukas to do reason for “insult” and “poisoned comments” and to answer that the Municipal Authority supported the workers, revealing that it was not their fault, but the guard of the Parliament.

According to today’s municipal council, an issue also arose regarding a concert planned for April with the participation of the municipality of Athens and in collaboration with the Israeli embassy. The Popular Rally raised it, causing the reaction of most factions, with the mayor of Athens replying that it was in the program that had been approved by the previous municipal authority since last year – and even unanimously – and added: “It doesn’t suit me, I don’t like it, I don’t I know what penalties there are, but we’ll see if it can be cancelled.”