A high school student in Patras was miraculously saved when he suffered an electric shock as he touched a bare power cable protruding from a built-in “box” on the stairs of the school complex he attends.

According to the “Gnomi” newspaper, the 17-year-old was going down to the courtyard with other classmates at break time.

The box was on the side of the ladder at a height of about 1.8 meters, but there was a wire sticking out.

The student’s hand touched it and as a result he suffered an electric shock.

Lucky for him contact with the wire was lightning fast and to the point where he narrowly avoided electrocution.

He felt the current go through him, and his body burn. His classmates were scared, the School Management and his parents were immediately notified and the 17-year-old was initially transferred to the “Agios Andreas” Hospital and then to the Hospital of Rio which he was in charge of.

The doctors did all the tests to see if there has been damage to any organ, but luckily everything went as expected. Until yesterday afternoon, the child remained in the hospital.

Unanswered questions about how the cable came out… except when it happened and how no one noticed it. The school is already conducting related research.