“Bite” Jovanovic was voted by the readers of sport-fm.gr for Poget’s replacement in the national team!


Interesting data emerged in his… triple poll sport-fm.gr for the next day in the Greek national team after the exclusion from the Euro 2024. The “blue and white” has entered a critical crossroads of decisions, although everything shows that it is possible that they will be launched after the elections to the EPO, next June. What, however, is expected to happen immediately – and it will probably be a surprise to many if it doesn’t happen – is that the team formally ends the Gustavo Poget. The Uruguayan technician’s contract expires on March 31, already Ireland – our opponent, we remind you, in the next Nations League – has him very high on their list and everything suggests that the 56-year-old technician will leave, although it seems that the internationals are overwhelmingly in favor of his stay. And a large percentage of the world, however, is in favor of staying.

In the first question we asked, “Do you think that Gustavo Poget should remain on the bench of the National Team?”55% almost answered “no”, with 45% wanting the Uruguayan coach to stay, considering, apparently, that several coaching changes have taken place in the representative group in the last decade and that some steps forward, undoubtedly, took place in the last two years. As we mentioned above, however, the scenario of Poget remaining on the “blue-and-white” bench has little chance.

A second question, which was raised, is the “Who bears the greatest responsibility for the exclusion of the national team?”. Here we had an incredible battle for the first place between the EPO and Gustavo Poget, with the federation finally… taking the first place with six votes difference from the Latin American! The players – who have heard and what they haven’t heard – stayed in 3rd place.

National team: Sport-fm.gr readers voted for Jovanovic as Poget's replacement

And finally, we go to the third and possibly most important question: “If Poget leaves, who do you think would be his ideal replacement in the national team?”. Here we were expecting a derby between Fernando Santos and Ivan Jovanovic, but the voting did not turn out to be just that! THE overwhelming majority voted for the former coach of Panathinaikos as the ideal replacement for Poget in the National Team, apparently considering that he is the most suitable, to smoothly lead the representative group to the next day. It is characteristic that Jovanovic collected it 53% of the votes, with Fernando Santos staying in 2nd place with 26%! The options “allos”, “Manolo Jimenez” and “Marinos Ouzounidis” were much further behind.

National team: Sport-fm.gr readers voted for Jovanovic as Poget's replacement

Source: Sport Fm

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