In addition to the schools of Ilia, the headquarters of the Regional Unit of Ilia in Pyrgos, as well as the courthouses of Pyrgos and Amaliada, will remain closed today Friday, for precautionary reasons.

The specific decisions were taken by the civil protection coordinating body, which held an emergency meeting after the two strong earthquakes that occurred this morning.

As the deputy governor of Ilia, Nikos Korovesis, reported to APE-MPE, the coordinating body also decided that the technical services should check all public buildings for any problems or damages from the earthquakes.

In the meantime, in the Municipality of Zacharos “damages have been recorded to the stadium’s facilities”as mayor Kostas Mitropoulos told APE-MPE, adding that “it is not excluded that they will be closed for reasons of protection”.

Furthermore, the mayor mentioned that “cracks have been recorded in old bridges and in old houses, as well as in the walls of houses in the city of Zacharos”.

However, as he pointed out, “an overall picture of the damage will be available when the checks by the levels of engineers are completed”.