The complete absence of driving behavior but also a “culture” of respect in the city, which unfortunately characterizes a large portion of our fellow citizens in Evia, is seen once again through the movement of a citizen to park his vehicle, not just literally where he found it, but in front of a historical monument.

The incident took place in Aliveri, in front of the characteristic statue of the coal miner, a monument to the lignite mines that operated in Aliveri from 1870 to the early 1980s.

As shown in the relevant photo, the driver of the farm car did not hesitate not only to place the vehicle literally in front of the monument, but to park it normally, even climbing on the triangular cement structure that acts as its base and separates it from the road surface.

The lack of respect for our neighbors is established by minor or even more serious offenses in the context of everyday life in our cities, with the above image as a more indicative example.

Truck and car drivers did not hesitate to drive and abandon the vehicles in the most inappropriate places, obstructing the traffic and causing disturbance on a daily basis.