Two young men have been remanded in custody for internet scams from which they appear to have obtained, or attempted to obtain, approximately €355,000. These are two 24-year-old men, who were called to give explanations before the 2nd regular investigator of Thessaloniki.

For the same case – which came to light after an investigation by the EL.AS Electronic Crime Prosecution – two more 24-year-olds are accused, one of whom was released on parole and the other is expected to plead guilty in the near future.

The indictment includes 26 cases of fraud (22 committed and 4 attempted) committed in the 2022/23 period.

In order to achieve their criminal activity, they used, as described in the indictment, information and codes previously obtained from the Dark Web.

Apologizing to the interrogator, the two pre-trial detainees appear to have accepted part of his actions, while, according to information, they stated that they have compensated some of their victims.