His advance payment will be made tomorrow Special Consumption Tax on Agricultural Oilamounting to 41 million euros to 300,000 farmers, as the Minister of Rural Development and Food reported from Kozani, Lefteris Avgenakisin an open discussion with representatives of rural associations of the region.

The minister announced that next week the consultation on the new ELGA regulation will officially begin, saying that it will become “more efficient, more democratic, more functional and fairer”. In addition, he announced an increase of 1.5 million Leader’s funding so that the runners-up also participate in the program. He called for changes to the CAP to relieve producers of administrative burdens, noting that its implementation should be made easier, and warned that unless the necessary changes are made, no member state will be able to absorb 100% of the resources which belongs to him.

According to his statement FSAMr. Avgenakis asked those present, regardless of ideology, to exert pressure on the parties they belong to, so that the Eurogroups they participate in take similar decisions to those of the European People’s Party, which adopted the 19 proposals of the ministry.

Speaking about the ecological schemes and bureaucratic difficulties, he pointed out that they are a consequence of the policies of the Socialists, Greens and the Left, who had the majority in the EU when the CAP was discussed. “We also support the environment, but beyond the environment there are also the farmers” he noted, stating that “the EPP is not against the ‘green transition’, but asks for it to be done in a smoother way”.

At the same time, Mr. Avgenakis spoke, among other things, about the next moves of OPEKEPE in the next period. Specifically:

– Correction of the single aid of 2023, with payment before Easter.

– Payment of tied aid amounting to EUR 245 million before Easter.

– Opening, today, of the platform for the IACS.

– Payment of the ecological schemes, amounting to 425 million euros, before Easter.

– Liquidation of the 16,500 reserved VAT numbers, after an audit.

He announced an intensification of controls to protect Greek production from Greekization, especially in the run-up to Easter. “The law will be enforced. I don’t care who the illegals are and where they belong. The checks will go in depth. And those who violate will pay,” he stressed.

It is noted that the meeting was attended by the Secretary General of the Ministry, Dimitris Papagiannidis, the Deputy Governor of Rural Development, Paschalis Haroumenos, the President of ELGA, Andreas Lykourentzos, the Vice Presidents of OPEKEPE, Lefteris Zervos and Yiannis Kourdis, in the presence of ND MPs, Michalis Papadopoulos ( Kozani) and Maria Antoniou (Kastoria).