A rare moment was captured by Alejandro Vega with his camera: A family of blow whales they sleep together and float peacefully in the ocean waters.

The mother, daughter and young son remain motionless for a few minutes as they sleep vertically in the sea.

The video was originally released in 2023 but has now gone viral.

Humpback whales sleep upright in the water because it is the most energy efficient position. In addition, this is how they stay as close to the surface of the sea as possible, to replenish their oxygen supply and stay alert to potential threats

The vertical deep sleep of blow whales was first discovered by accident in 2008, when a team of biologists from the UK and Japan stumbled upon these whales that seemed to have no communication with their environment.

When one of the ships accidentally bumped into one of them, the animal woke up and the whole group with it.

The scientists discovered that the blow whale sleeps several short, times throughout the day with time in between 6 and 24 minutes.

In deep sleep they just fall for it 7% or so this time.