In double combined liver-kidney transplantation was submitted a few days ago as a 53-year-old patient, at the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “Ippokrateio”.

As stated in an announcement by Hippocrate, the recipient had polycystic liver disease and renal and had initially been evaluated, through the transnational agreement of the Hellenic Transplantation Organization with the corresponding Italian Organization, by various transplant centers in Italy, but had not been accepted, due to the severity of her disease.

The patient attended the Hippocrates Hospital of Thessaloniki, where the Pre-Transplant Test was performed and on 02-15-2024 her inclusion in the center’s National Registry of Candidate Recipients was completed. In less than 1.5 months, the first suitable compatible cadaveric transplant has just been offered, was held, with complete success, the double organ transplant by the specialized team of the Transplant Surgery Clinic of AUTH.

As pointed out in the relevant announcement, “it is one of the few transplants that are performed not only in our country, but also worldwide in general, due to the indications and the degree of difficulty”.

Thanks and congratulations are expressed to all the medical and nursing staff who are next to our fellow citizens every day and contributed to the realization of this difficult undertaking.

A total of five such liver-kidney transplants have been performed at the Transplantation Center of Thessaloniki since its establishment.