With questions to the sister of the accused Roulas Pispirigoufor the death of six months Irisin 2021, but also with the testimony of the pediatrician who attended the family’s children Teacherthe trial of the 35-year-old woman for the deaths of her two youngest daughters continued before the MOD.

At the heart of her examination Dimitras Pispirigou from the seat and advocates, the death of Iris was found, almost 12 months after the loss of 3.5 year old Malena.

The witness, who was at home with her sister and was the one who found it dead the baby in swing of, burst into sobbing when the district attorney showed her photos of the dead Iris.

The charge of Dimitra Pispirigou was great and the court stopped the session for a while, with the witness crying and hugging her accused sister.

He ran into contradictions according to the prosecutor

Many of the questions to the witness were about her view who had the baby when she took him in her arms dead and especially whether or not his lips were bruised, as Dimitra Pispirigou had initially stated.

The witness today said that she did not turn it on light when she lifted the baby from the cradle, with the prosecutor pointing out that she said “something to the interrogator and something here”.

The witness also received questions about messages that she exchanged with her sister about him Manos Daskalakis and his social media posts, a few days after Iris’ death and while Georgina was in hospital.

“Can you explain to me, with two deaths and a third child in the hospital, what these messages mean?” asked the president.

The witness testified that at that time the couple had intense arguments fights and that Daskalakis was aggressive towards her sister.

“Then we had spoken to the lawyer about the divorce and he had told us to ‘watch his every move, everything.’ Because he had “blocked” her, I was watching his movements,” he said.

Prosecutor: How did the accused react when you brought Iris (dead) from the room to the kitchen?

D. Pispirigou: At that moment I was also in a terrible shock. She lost the saucer she was holding. He had fallen in the corner and was shouting, I don’t remember exactly what he was saying…

“We are seeing a new testimony today” was the comment of the defense attorney in support of the Accusation regarding what Dimitra Pispirigou claimed.

What the family’s pediatrician testified

Pediatrician Eleni Ruti testified that until the problem of lymphadenitis appeared in Malena, there was nothing worrying about the child’s appearance. As he testified, when he found that the lymphadenitis did not go away but spread despite the antibiotics, he called both parents and told them “either you enter a hospital in Patras or you go straight to Athens, because if it is some kind of malignancy that starts, you should be next to “Hope” let’s catch up. I gave them a referral and the next day they told me “we are leaving for Athens”. Then we talked once, twice, because I was anxious. Mr. Daskalakis took me and told me about a leukemia diagnosis. I reassured them, I told them that it’s just the beginning and that in these cases they go well.”

The doctor said that he learned about Malena’s death from the father who called her in shock. “I was shocked too. It seemed like a very sudden death… I didn’t expect it to go like this,” said the witness.

President: Tell us about Iris…

El Ruti: The child took the vaccines very consistently. There had been a flu, a mild bronchitis that was cured. Somewhere around there, in the third month, I heard a very low-pitched whistling that resembled an innocent blow. I told them that as a protocol we should send the child to a cardiologist since there is a death (of Malena) in the family. We hear this murmur in young children.

I had it in my head that there was a sudden death in the family, so I sent them to a cardiologist. In another baby I would expect to see it again. Suddenly I learned from a friend that Irida also left. I took Mr. Daskalakis and he told me: “Iris is gone.” I was in shock. It was the second child, a sudden death with cardiological tests… I called Mr. Daskalakis, because I imagined that the mother would be miserable and I told them to go straight for Georgina’s genetic testing.”