They managed to extort approximately 5,000 euros from an elderly woman in the Pieria area using the telephone fraud method.

A foreigner called the elderly woman and claimed that a friend of hers has been injured and asked for money to undergo surgery immediately.

To make it more believable, his female accomplice pretended to be the friendly face of the old woman on the phone.

With this method, they managed to extract the amount of 4,990 euros from the elderly woman. The foreigner himself received the money.

After coordinated actions by the police, the man was identified in whose possession the entire amount of money was found and which was attributed to the patient.

The investigation by the police continues both for the identification of the details of his unknown accomplices, as well as for their possible participation in other similar criminal acts.

A case file was filed against the foreign man by the Katerin Security Sub-Directorate, which will be submitted to the Katerini District Attorney.