On the trail of the spiral that stole copper from DEDDIE transformers in its areas Xanthi and her Rhodope the Greek Police arrived.

The Xanthi Security Department confirmed the activity of individuals who were active in the theft of copper from DEDDIE transformers, in areas of Xanthi and Rodopi.

For the case, four citizens were arrested on 18-4-2024, in a rural area of ​​Xanthi, by police officers from the Xanthi Security Department with the assistance of police officers from the Xanthi Border Guard Department, against whom a case file was filed for aggravated theft and violence against officials and judges persons on a case-by-case basis. The relevant case file also includes an unknown person – their accomplice, accused of aggravated theft.
In particular, in the context of police actions to prevent and combat the theft of DEDDIE transformers and cables and after appropriate use of information, the above police officers carried out a coordinated police operation, during which the perpetrators were identified to have removed together with an unknown accomplice those wanted, from a rural area of ​​Xanthi, 6 copper coils from 2 DEDDIE transformers, with a total value of 13,115 euros.

In an attempted police check, the three of the above perpetrators strongly resisted their arrest, while as it was established that the perpetrators used an I.X.F. car that had been reported stolen on 4-4-2024 at the Police Department of Avdira, Xanthi.

Inside the vehicle, a quantity of copper with a total weight of approximately 500 kg of the 6 removed coils was found and confiscated, as well as burglary tools (cutters, crowbars, ratchets, rechargeable wheel, wrenches, torch, wire rope, gloves, etc.) used by the perpetrators for committing the thefts.

The above amount of copper as well as the removed vehicle were seized and returned to their rightful owners.

In addition, in the context of the ongoing preliminary investigation by police officers of the Xanthi Security Department, it emerged that the perpetrators, during the period from 11-28-2023 to 4-18-2024, acting together, removed the copper from 66 DEDDIE transformers located in rural areas of Xanthi and from 1 transformer located in the area of ​​Rodopi, with a total estimated value of 405,690 euros, as well as one more I.X.F. from the city of Xanthi which was found abandoned on 31-3-2023 and was returned to its owner.

The arrested persons were taken to the Xanthi District Attorney, while the police investigation and preliminary investigation continue by the Xanthi Security Department, in order to identify their accomplice and verify their possible participation in committing similar crimes.