Business research and rescue 25 aliens and contemplation of one body man was carried out in the morning hours yesterday under the coordination of the Unified Center for Coordination of Search and Rescue (E.K.S.E.D.) L.S.-EL.AKT., in the marine area northwest of Samos.

In particular, the Coast Guard was informed by the European emergency call number “112” about the existence of a boat in a difficult position.

Five patrol boats and a lifeguard immediately departed, while a FRONTEX force helicopter also took off.

Subsequently, an Open Sea Vessel (OPV) L.S.-EL.AKT also participated in the investigations.

The weather conditions prevailing in the area were unfavorable with northwesterly winds of intensity 6-7 Beaufort and rough seas.

At a distance of half a nautical mile from the “DRAKAIOI” area, a patrol boat spotted a semi-submerged boat, from where 23 people were rescued, while 2 people were picked up from the sea.
All the rescued were taken to the port of Vatheos Samos and from there they were handed over to the Samos Police Department.

Afterwards, the lifeboat, with the assistance of the Hellenic Rescue Team, located and retrieved an unconscious man, who was picked up by an EKAV ambulance and taken to the General Hospital of Samos, where he was pronounced dead.

According to the rescuers, there were 10 other people on the boat who probably went ashore. During the night, another 10 of the migrants from Lesvos, who had swum ashore, were spotted in the “DRAKAIOI” land area.

Searches continue today for possible missing persons.

A preliminary investigation is carried out by the Port Authority of Samos.