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The announcement of the Coast Guard for the episode with Turkish flour in Oinousses


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Clarifications for incident with a Coast Guard boat and a Turkish fishing boat in Oinousses, issued by the Coast Guard.

According to reports, at around 18.00 yesterday afternoon, a Turkish fishing boat was spotted by a naval patrol of the Greek Coast Guard, fishing in Greek territorial waters, in the sea area between Chios – Oinousses.

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The planned recommendations were immediately made, via VHF and live, by the crew of the patrol boat of the Coast Guard to the Turkish fishing vessel to be removed from the Greek territorial waters, without result.

Despite the recommendations, the Turkish fishing vessel moved with dangerous maneuvers towards the naval patrol of the Coast Guard, in order to embark it. In addition, the crew of the fishing boat, approaching the patrol boat, threw various heavy objects (stones, etc.).

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Following these, warning shots were fired in the air and in a safe area by the patrol boat of the Greek Navy, as a result of which the Turkish fishing boat left with an eastern course for the Turkish coast.

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