A storm, with heavy rainfall accompanied by hail, hit the areas of Thessaloniki from 4 pm.

Within a few minutes, roads turned into rivers, such as Lagada Street.

Photo source: thessnews.gr

Due to the amount of water that fell, there are problems with the traffic of vehicles on the Ring Road and also on the central roads of the city.

The image from Andrea Papandreou Street, the main street of Neapolis, which resembles a torrent, is indicative.

A total of 25 calls, most for pumping water, were received by the Fire Service after the storm that hit Thessaloniki on Thursday afternoon. Most of the calls were about the city center. With the help of the firefighters, an elderly woman was removed from her home and a mother with her child from a car.

Many roads turned into rivers and significant problems were created in the traffic of cars, in the city center and on the Ring Road.

Agioi Panton, under the bridge, is inaccessible.

Trees fell in the center of the city, while in Kountouriotou and across from the courts, rushing water from the streets entered the ground floor shops.