Full Glass: Colorado celebrates Week of 22 with Tarsila beer


Tarsila do Amaral was not part of the original group responsible for the 1922 Modern Art Week event, which took place at the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, and which had as some of the main names Mário de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Anita Malfatti, Graça Aranha and Di Cavalcanti, among many others.

However, Tarsila, who was in Paris during the Semana de 22, returned to São Paulo to join the Grupo dos Cinco —with Mário, Oswald, Anita and Menotti del Picchia— and to become one of the main names in modernism in the country, a movement that highlighted Brazilianness in the culture.

To honor the Semana de 22, and the painter, Cervejaria Colorado is launching Tarsila, and the style chosen could not be more appropriate than a catharina sour, the first officially recognized Brazilian style. Very light and with the characteristic acidity, the beer takes pineapple and coconut, has 4.0% alcohol content and only 6 IBU (bitterness unit that goes up to 120).

To complete the package, the bottle’s label reproduces the painting “Fruit Vendor”, made by Tarsila in 1925. “Like modernism, we arrived to break the ‘mutt complex’ and focus on valuing what we have here in Tarsila’s paintings are full of Brazilianness, so the ‘Fruit Vendor’ was an invitation to our brewers. We hope that art and beer lovers appreciate this novelty and that our tribute lives up to the legacy of Tarsila”, says Daniel Carneiro, marketing manager from Colorado.

The brewery chose Bar dos Arcos, in the underground of the Municipal, to show the beer for the first time to a group of guests.

However, it will still take a while for the bottle with the label to reach the consumer. For now, Tarsila beer is only available in draft beer, first, at the original Toca do Urso, in Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo countryside). Next week it arrives in the same version in other bars around the capital. The bottle, however, will only be available in mid-March and can be purchased through the e-commerce Empório da Cerveja.

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