Today starts substantial, the hearing process, in Patras, in the trial of the 7 anti-authoritarians accused of participation in a criminal organization, robberies and possession of explosives.

The trial was adjourned for today as a few days ago the procedure was spent on objections filed by the defense of the accused.

According to information, a total of 4 prosecution witnesses will testify, with the first one being a police officer, while the testimony of the 5th witness, who has passed away, will be read.

On the other hand, 12 people have been called to testify as defense witnesses.

It is recalled that among the defendants is the son of Costas Karatsolis (known as “Stelliou”), who was convicted for participating in the “17 November” terrorist organization.

Their action

According to an announcement by ELAS, the seven arrested are involved in a series of armed robberies of banks and EL.TA branches. and supermarkets, at least from 2020.

In addition to robberies, the perpetrators, in order to maximize their illegal profit, had set up in the houses where they lived, suitable areas with hydroponic cannabis crops, while the quantities produced were then sold in the area of ​​the center of Patras.

In fact, in one of the apartments, even a special pipe for growing cannabis was found. But in addition to the large amount of cannabis, weapons, explosives and books on the revolutionary struggle and anarchism were found and confiscated.

The perpetrators, according to the announcement by ELAS, in order to achieve their goal, had procured pistols, appropriate clothing to cover their facial and body features (such as jackets, wigs, medical masks, glasses, jockey hats, etc. .), while they proceeded to steal motorcycles, which they used during the robberies.

After the robberies, they would abandon the machines, change clothes and escape in a different vehicle.

In fact, during their activity and in order not to be detected by the authorities, they took special precautionary measures, such as using radios, avoiding telephone conversations and planning their illegal activity.