Prosecution intervention for the banner at the Toumba stadium


Developments are being launched after the banner that was posted at the Toumba stadium.

Specifically, PAOK fans during the match against Midland in the 32nd phase of the Europa conference League, raised a banner that read “Brothers, hold on tight”, referring essentially to the 12 arrested for the murder of 19-year-old Alkis Kampanos.

The developments concern the judicial front as well the prosecutor intervened, starting a preliminary investigation, having asked Toumba’s cameras to “speak”.

Specifically, the relationship of those who posted the banner in question with the case of the murder of Alkis will be sought, with the first reason belonging to PAOK FC and the cameras.

It is noted that PAOK FC issued a statement unequivocally condemning the incident, characterizing the banner depressed:

“We explicitly and categorically express our disgust with the fact that some people insist on considering themselves bigger than PAOK itself.

Marginal and subversive banners and self-destructive reactions to PAOK of titles and great nights like yesterday no longer have a place.

Some people find it difficult to understand it, but PAOK’s tsifliki of tsampa maggia has passed irrevocably. We owe it to our millions of fans who are ashamed of the actions of a handful of people. “reports the “black and white” PAE


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