e-EFKA: The platform of the special allowance Covid- The process is in operation


The application for the special sick leave, due to COVID-19 disease, is now submitted electronically, by the employees of the private sector, with a contract or a dependent employment relationship, in the electronic service of e-EFKA (https://www.efka.gov .gr / el / epidoma).

According to an announcement of e-EFKA, the submission of the electronic application is made with a positive diagnostic test, with the date of onset of the disease, which is obtained, through interoperability from the National Register of Patients with COVID-19 based on AMKA or PA. .Α.Υ.Π.Α., Without requiring a medical opinion.

Already, during the first day of operation of the platform, a total of 354 requests of IKA-ETAM employees were submitted.

The application for the granting of the sickness benefit is submitted to the above electronic service, after the insured has been authenticated using the credentials of the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration (G.G.PS.D.D.) of the Ministry of Digital Government (taxisnet) and then certify / update its details.

Then, the employer is informed by the e-EFKA service automatically by e-mail to enter the online service within 15 days (https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/epidoma), in order to complete the five-day certificate abstain from work and, in addition, to confirm the non-provision of teleworking remotely.

The request for the grant of the special sick leave allowance, due to coronavirus disease, is submitted by the insured within eight months from the date of illness.

The electronic applications of the insured are processed by the competent Local Directorates of e-EFKA, except for the applications of the insured that belong to the former Hotel Employees Fund (formerly TAXY), to the former Health Sector of Ε.Τ.Α.Π.-Μ. WITH. and the former Insurance Fund for Employees of Banks and Public Utilities (T.A.Y.T.E.K.O.), which are processed by the B ‘and C’ Benefits Directorate of the General Directorate of Benefits and Health.

For the convenience of the insured, but also of their employers, manuals for the use of the electronic platform for granting sickness benefits have been posted on the e-EFKA website (www.efka.gov.gr), following the path: Online Services -> Employees -> Electronic Sickness Allowance Application (https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/epidoma).

These are the user manual of the electronic sickness benefit platform for the user insured by e-EFKA and the user manual of the electronic sickness benefit platform for the employer user.

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