Makrinitsa: The 32-year-old deliberately killed the brothers-The catapult the prosecutor


A referral proposal, with full charge, for premeditated murder, two committed and one attempted, in a calm state of mind, domestic violence, illegal carrying and use of weapons, was made by the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Volos, to the Council of Misdemeanors of Volos, against of the double murder of his 28-year-old ex-wife, Konstantina Tsapa and her 30-year-old brother George, on April 5, 2021 at their paternal home in Makrinitsa.

The criminal case file also included the criminal case for domestic violence, on the occasion of an incident that took place four days before the double murder (April 1, 2021), when the 32-year-old perpetrator went up to Makrinitsa, where their ex-wife and and hit his ex-wife mother-in-law and father-in-law and they had filed a lawsuit against him.

“He had planned the crime, he knew what he was doing…”
According to reliable information, the prosecutor, who dealt with the case, taking into account the reports of the experts, the threatening messages he sent to his 28-year-old ex-wife before he killed her, after an appointment he had for a psychiatrist examination and the incident against her. and his parents, he concluded that he had planned the crime, knew what he was doing and did not suggest that he be given a reduced charge.

In fact in one of messages he had written that he would kill them out of revenge, because they wanted to lock him up in the insane asylum, on the occasion of an application submitted by his ex-wife, for psychiatric incarceration.

Based on the prosecutor’s reasoning, the 32-year-old perpetrator had decided to kill his ex-wife, so when he went home on the afternoon of that fateful day, he took with him the 33 cm long knife, which he said that he always had it with him because he had a stalking syndrome.

The prosecutor’s reasoning also states that, when the killer left the house of the murderer, he did not go to his grandmother’s house in a village in the area of ​​Lechonia, to discuss with her how he would come in contact with the child, as he claimed, but he intended to escape from a police officer who spotted him and chased him.

It is noted that the 32-year-old perpetrator after going to his in-laws’ house in Makrinitsa and killed his ex-wife with a knife, hitting her in the abdomen and ribs and her brother, who was notified and went home to help, who was hit in abdomen and heart and after injuring his ex-mother-in-law, he escaped in his car and was arrested by the Police, on the route between Ano Lechonia and Agios Vlasios, at 10.30 on the night of the murder, while the double homicide had preceded at 8 in the afternoon .

After proposal of the prosecutor to the Council of Criminal Courts of Volos, the referral proposal for his referral to trial is expected, while the 32-year-old perpetrator of the double crime remains detained in the Psychiatric Ward of Korydallos Prison.

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