Bakoyannis in Kerameos: Review the conversion of the 26th High School of Kolonaki into an Experimental


The Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis, called on the Ministry of Education to review the decision to convert the 260th public high school of Kolonaki into an experimental one, during the meeting of the Municipal Council.

As the Mayor of Athens stressed, despite the fact that the philosophy of the connected schools is understandable and in the right direction, “this noble goal is served neither by plans on paper, nor by orders, and certainly not by ultimatums.”

Specifically, Mr. Bagogiannis stated that “in order to solve a problem, to create a new, bigger problem and at the same time to disturb a delicate balance. There is a unanimous resolution of the municipal council, which, among other things, explains a reality that at least we, the local authorities, know very well, because we are talking about our city. “Any conversion deprives a neighborhood elementary school, disrupts students’ social and student life, and overturns family planning.”

At the same time, he added that the municipal authority will support the families of the children of the 26th High School in every claim, summing up that ” “Finally, with consultation, we call on the Ministry of Education to reconsider its position and there is no doubt that we will support families and parents in their every claim.”

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