International Court of Justice: On Wednesday, the decision on the appeal of Ukraine against Russia


The International Court (DD) announced tonight that it will issue the decision of her Wednesday on the procedure initiated by Kyivrequesting that the Moscow to stop the invasion of Ukraine.

The public hearing will start at 16.00 (local time, 17.00 Greek time) in The Hague, when the President of the Court, Joan E. Donahue, will read the verdict, the announcement states.

At February 26 the Ukraine appealed to International Court calling for urgent action and ordering Russia to stop the invasion before deciding on the substance of the case, which could take years.

Last week the Russia refused to attend the hearing.

In the sermon announcing the intervention in Ukraine, the Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that he wanted to protect the Russian-speaking population from a genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. Ukraine calls this allegation an “absurd and ridiculous lie”, categorically denies that genocide was committed and considers that the Russian invasion has no legal basis.

The IGC was established in 1946 to resolve disputes between states. Its rulings are binding and cannot be appealed, but the Court has no way of enforcing them. His decisions are based mainly on international treaties. Ukraine and Russia have both signed the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which Moscow says violates Moscow.

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