Even plant experts avoid them: Which plants are difficult to care for


In recent years social media has been filled with people who invest time and money in plants both indoors and outdoors.
Plants are definitely a beautiful addition to any space, as they have the ability to change it completely and make it look more beautiful on the one hand and warmer on the other.

In recent years, social media has been filled with people who invest time and money in plants both indoors and outdoors and we have to admit that every post about plants is very attractive and aesthetically unique.

Especially when you think about how each plant can transform your space.

However, there are some plants that even plant experts avoid as they are quite difficult to care for, but can sometimes be dangerous for pets and children.

Φτέρη Maidenhair

According to plant expert Nick Cutsumpas, leafy ferns can be difficult to keep “happy” and healthy. “Their leaves are so delicate that in dry conditions (either it is very direct sun or a watering you forgot) it can dry them out.”

Apartment Botanist’s Alessia Resta reports that the Maidenhair fern is the only plant she will never buy again.

“I really love the other ferns, but the Maidenhair is one of those plants I would avoid.”

However, if you have a plant that requires special care, such as this particular fern, placing it in the right place is the key.

“Make sure you keep the fern in a place with indirect light and high humidity,” says Cutsumpas. In addition to constant humidity, Maidenhair ferns also need good watering every few days. More specifically every time their soil is slightly dry to the touch.


Known for its impressive patterned leaves, this basket and its family have become very popular with collectors.

If you are going to buy a basket, do your research for its specific care needs.

Since many basket varieties can be extremely delicate, Erin Marino, the head of editing at The Sill, a New York-based store, suggests watering with distilled water instead of tap water. This will reduce the chance of excess minerals accumulating in their soil.

The bottom line is that some plants are easier to care for than others, with Maidenhair ferns and baskets being the most whimsical choices.

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