New interruption in the trial for the murder of Eleni Topaloudi


Once again, the trial before the MOE for gang rape and murder of Eleni Topaloudi in November 2018 in Rhodes.

The trial was adjourned for the fourth time since its inception and while the testimony at the previous hearing began, was adjourned for April 6, 2022, as a member of the panel fell ill with coronary artery disease.

The new interruption was given again while at the step of the witness they were going to go up parents of Eleni Topaloudia development that angered the victim’s mother.

“What, that is, we will do the trip Didymoteicho and back again? Nobody cares about us. “What can I say” said the woman while her husband Giannis Topaloudis asked the president to appoint continuous trials after April 6.

Chairman: We have looked at it.

Father Eleni: The parent of one of the accused threatened the witnesses. Please have due respect, Madam President.

Both were present in the bench today, sentenced in the first instance to life imprisonment and 15 years each, accused.

During the transfer of the two defendants to the court, Eleni Topaloudi’s mother and the mothers of Erato and Garyfallia, also victims of serious crimes who were in court to support the student’s parents, told them to have “their eyes down”. The women in black shouted at the two accused “shame on you” who “instead of bowing their heads, laugh. Without a trace of repentance”.

Eratos Mother: Keep your heads down, killers. What do you keep the good guys, nothing gets a hair out of their hair? (to the police). Let us bring you and Papa re to confess, to go to paradise.

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