The trial of Petros Filippidis was interrupted – A fierce quarrel between the lawyers


The high tensions between the defense and the civil action that followed the request of two of the three victims for closed doors during their testimonies, led to the suspension of the trial of Petros Filippidis.

The position of one of the lawyers of Petros Filippidis, Kiki Bakirtzidou, who opposed the request of the two women, was the one that ignited the atmosphere as the lawyer said addressing the complainants: audience” .

As soon as the lawyer finished her sentence, the angry reaction of the lawyer came. two victimsAlexandrou Minzia, who shouted “shame, you do not respect the victims”, with the court leaving, so that the intense controversy does not continue.

The actor’s side opposes the closed-door examination of the two women. The other lawyer of the accused Michalis Dimitrakopoulos had stated earlier that “the rule in a criminal trial is publicity. The whole case was daily in the morning shops, in the noon shows. Everything had been circulated in photocopy..Some gave interviews and made it public on their own. Didn’t they have mental weight and stress then? There are reports that in their entirety abuse the accused. The voice of Petros Filippidis will also be heard. The three complainants are the whole case file. There is no eyewitness. “If it is held behind closed doors, there will be another trial, abusing reality.”

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