Crime in Tinos: Perpetrator and victim had chronic differences – The 93-year-old often caused tensions


The residents of Tinos remain shocked, after the murder of the 50-year-old director of the School of Hagiography by his 93-year-old neighbor.

According to what has become known, the perpetrator is 93 years old had set up a grenade launcher and shot the victim the moment he parked outside his house and before he got out of his car.

Sources speak of chronic personal differences between the perpetrator and the victim, of insignificant reasons from their cohabitation in the same apartment building in Tinos Town.

The same sources report that the two men often quarreled over issues such as the solar water heater or some cables in the apartment building, however, no one believed that the 93-year-old would go so far as to kill his neighbor.

According to reports, the 93-year-old was a person who in recent years caused quite frequent incidents of tension. On the contrary, the victim was a quiet and cultured man.

As for his criminal treatment, he will first be taken to the prosecutor, then to the investigator and then it will be decided whether he will be remanded in custody or not.

The police announcement:

A 90-year-old local man was arrested today (April 10, 2022) in Tinos, by police officers of the Tinos Police Department, accused of intentional homicide, use of weapons and illegal possession of weapons.

In particular, this afternoon on a municipal road in Chora, Tinos, the accused shot with a shotgun and fatally injured a 52-year-old local man after an argument between them over personal disputes. Police officers immediately went to the scene and located the perpetrator and found in his possession the weapon he used.

The arrested person will be taken to the Syros Prosecutor’s Office.

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