Lawyer Giannis Skaftourou: He was being guarded, but he had not told me by whom


The lawyer of Giannis Skaftouros who was murdered on Easter Monday at his holiday home in Dervenochoria, Giannis Markoulakos, spoke to MEGA for the circumstances of the death of the businessman.

Speaking about the case of the murder of Giannis Skaftourou, Mr. Markoulakos said: “What I know, I know from the media mainly. Four gunmen jumped into the yard and killed him. He was targeted, who can do such a thing. From 2002 when his problems started, until 2019. He had rivalries, however the rivalries of some are solved badly and in some well. “In his case, they solved it in the worst way, once they tried to kill him in the Korydallos prison, and another time now that he was alone with his family.”

“For people who are involved with the law, I have a principle, to ask only what concerns their involvement and nothing more. I accepted what he told me and I did not ask anything more. When I saw him, he had some people guarding him, but he did not tell me who he was guarding, nor did I ask him. “The life sentences were not broken, but he was acquitted as for the kidnapping of Panagopoulos”, he added.

“I can not interpret the crime, because it has many versions”, Mr. Markoulakos characteristically noted.

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