The BBC is dedicating a special show on the accessibility of people with disabilities to the Acropolis


With Title “Acropolis now” (s.s. Acropolis Now), will be screened at noon on Sunday BBC show by Ade Adepitan. One of the most well-known presenters of the British network, who for years is confined to a wheelchairwithout this preventing him from advancing in his professional life, and not only.

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So the BBC show will present all changes and improvements which took place recently, despite the “voices” for the opposite and for the alleged alteration of the top archeological site and monument of the country, for the access of the disabled to Acropolis.

It has been done on the Acropolis for about a year now installation of the slope lift, which is an international standard of its kind, configuration of routes for people with disabilities and many more improvements to serve the disabled with wheelchairs and generally disabled people.

These works, then, and whether access to the Acropolis has been improved for the disabled will be broadcast by the leading British television network. “Ade Adepitan is in Athens. He visits the Acropolis, the most famous monument in Greece, and experiences the improvements in accessibility at the site “, it is typically mentioned in the description of the show, among other things.

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