Volos: 47-year-old threatened to burn his ex-wife and father-in-law alive


The 47-year-old foreign businessman, who was found guilty of domestic threat, attempted disturbance of the peace at home and insult, was taken to prison after being convicted by the Autophorous Three-Member Criminal Court of Volos.

The Autophorous Three-Member sentenced him to a total of one year and nine months in prison and ordered his sentence to be sent back to prison, given that the 47-year-old convicted of violating a condition of release, an offense for which the Council will rule with his will.

The 47-year-old is accused that yesterday Thursday around 6 in the morning, he went outside the house of his ex-father-in-law in Volos and caused an incident, threatening and insulting that he would kill and burn his ex-father-in-law, his ex-mother-in-law and his ex-wife . It is noted that with the latter they have a baby girl. In fact, during a police search of his vehicle, a plastic bottle of gasoline was found. The defendant’s ex-father-in-law, who was not in court, was searched and found, testifying that the 47-year-old tried to enter the house through the gate, while he was frightened by the threats addressed to him and which were heard by the neighbors. However, as he testified, his daughter and his granddaughter were missing from the house at that time. The prosecution witness also testified that for a year now the 47-year-old has been causing incidents, threatening and insulting, even though he has divorced his daughter. The accused apologist referred to an earlier confrontation he had with former and current police officers, stressed that he had been “eaten 700,000 euros” and added that he went to the Police immediately after yesterday morning and begged for his child, because “he is in the hands of a pedophile… ».

The 47-year-old’s apology was episodic, as he constantly interrupted the prosecutor and the judges, with the result that the president at some point ordered him to stop. It is noted that the 47-year-old was sentenced to pre-trial detention for attempted grievous bodily harm in a row last December after his apology to the investigator. He was accused of visiting his in-laws and causing an incident.

He had preoccupied the authorities

He has repeatedly occupied the police and judicial authorities. Last December, the 47-year-old tried to enter his in-laws’ house, but they did not open the door, and when he saw them, he attacked his mother-in-law with a stone, who miraculously escaped, as if he succeeded, he would be seriously injured. She also threatened her father, who was then his wife. The elderly couple turned to the Police in distress for help. He was arrested and prosecuted on a felony charge of attempted grievous bodily harm and a misdemeanor charge of domestic threat, insult, disturbing the peace at home and carrying a firearm. He was recently released on the condition that he not approach the house of his ex-father-in-law, where his ex-wife lives.


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