Tsipras: If Mitsotakis does not take action, we will have a million dead and locked up


The president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras, calls on the government to take measures “even now”, in an interview he gave today on TRT, during his tour in Thessaly, warning, otherwise, of “millions of dead and missing people who could be avoided. “

Al. Tsipras spoke of a “crude and cynical government” and launched an attack on the prime minister, who he said was “constantly celebrating” the end of the pandemic, and argued that Operation Freedom was enough to vaccinate, without boosting public health. “The same man who said it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated and that he has not escaped, he says that no matter what happens, he will not give up,” he said, adding that measures are needed to strengthen medical staff and tighten existing measures. in terms of occupational categories that come in contact with the citizen, citing the Security Corps as an example and wondering if their vaccination rates will be published.

Expressing his concern about the “inaction and incompetence” of the government, the president of SYRIZA-PS, attributed to Kyriakos Mitsotakis that he “manages the pandemic in an amateurish way” and that “he is interested in not colliding with his electoral clientele” . “When everyone counts cases and dead, Mr. Mitsotakis counts votes. “This is immoral,” he said. In this context, he commented that “he was not interested in a substantial campaign” in favor of vaccination, he only distributed “public money” to TV stations and sites to create the “profile” of the “Prime Minister – Moses”, referring directly to the so-called “Petsa list”. ».

Asked about the committee of inquiry set up on this issue, he strongly criticized the fact that Mr. Petsas himself did not come today to testify, talking about a “carbine attempt to humiliate the Constitution”. He commented that the prime minister is “afraid” of control and believes in the “communication shield” offered to him by the media. However, he stressed that in this way he “rather complicates his position”, leaving hints that “Mr. Petsas has his nest dirty”.

Besides, Al. Tsipras referred to specific groups in society that are “dissatisfied”, at a time when, as he pointed out, “the deficit is growing dangerously”. “Where did the money go?”, He asked, claiming that “without the basic needs being met”, “direct assignments and assignments with closed tenders reach 5 billion euros”. “This cannot continue”, he stressed and commented that “it is not a matter of Left and Right, it is a matter of Democracy”.

Referring to the wave of accuracy, he reiterated that “we are champions in deaths per million inhabitants, champions in power surges across Europe”, expressing the view that this is not a “direct crisis”, ie a reduction in income, as in memoranda, but the decline in income comes “sideways” from the “frightening increases in consumption and energy”.

He even accused the prime minister of “losing control”, referring to the announcements for subsidies of 9 euros “which later became 19 and 39”. “Mr. Mitsotakis may not have given birth but he magnified the crisis of accuracy. Because at the moment when the prices go up, it decides to transfer 17% of PPC. “PPC is no longer playing a reassuring role for citizens in price competition”, he explained, leaving tips against the Competition Commission.

“Mitsotaki’s attitude is due either to ideology, that everything will be regulated by the free market or to selfishness. “As a result, the market is groaning, income is falling,” he said, calling on the government to raise the minimum wage.

He also described as “gratuity” the 250 euros that will be given to retirees, comparing the social dividend given by the SYRIZA government. As he stated, the official opposition will vote in favor of the last euro that will go to those in need, however, he commented that it is a “mockery”.

Reiterating the issue of responsibility for the memoranda, following the confrontation between the leaders in Parliament the day before yesterday, he characterized “it is unthinkable and unhistorical” for SYRIZA to be accused by the Prime Minister of “putting the country in the memoranda”. “One can blame the SYRIZA government and me personally for many things. But the last thing one can say is that we are responsible for the bankruptcy and the entry into the memoranda. “They will not charge us with original sin,” he said characteristically.

In closing, he spoke of the “rapid and accelerating deterioration” of the government, expressing the belief that “it will not be the next government in the country.” “The government’s plan based on failed prescriptions will fail. “The issue, however, is not to lose the opponent’s plan but to win our own plan, that is, to be ready and with technocratic competence to get the country out of the impasses and to give perspective and hope, especially for the young people”, he said , referring in fact to the cooperation of SYRIZA-PS with the new think tank. “We are experiencing a time of great challenges, the answers need deep knowledge of the data, adequacy to deal with crises such as pandemics, accuracy, climate, and this is what we try to do by bringing people next to us with great scientific competence,” he concluded.


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