Papandreou on SKAI for Schieble and Grexit: Now we would be worse than Turkey


The former president of PASOK and former prime minister George Papandreou expressed his belief that KINAL can become a majority force again and return to power through SKAI.

“The criteria must be very specific: who can grow the party, who can create a current of development of this space, who can inspire, bring people back, who can contribute to innovative ideas to say what progressive means today in the era of the pandemic and the new geopolitical situation so that Greece has a strong voice … I believe that I can really help “pointed out Mr. Papandreou.

The goal, he explained, is for KINAL “to become the majority faction again, to become a government, and let someone else from the socialist space be prime minister.”

“Power must go to the people. “We strike at arbitrariness and centralism, key long-standing problems of power,” he said.

“Symbols are a topic that is being discussed, the symbols are in our souls, we must use them, they will also be discussed at the conference,” he said of PASOK and the green sun. However, clarified Mr. Papandreou, I want them to be donated with new positions and proposals.

“I have fought for this space and I have a responsibility, I feel and this responsibility I listened to with the death of Fofi Gennimata, I felt that I can contribute, offer and to the repatriation of forces. My justification will come from our policies, we have another proposal from ND and SYRIZA we want to be a participatory party.

“This is the moment of participation that will be a model of a large participatory party,” he said for the internal party elections.

Memoranda, Seibel and Turkey

“The ND-PASOK alliance did not help our movement … It was an extraordinary time of great crisis for the country, and wider forces were needed, the mistake was that Samaras actually overthrew the Papademos government, if he had remained we would have finished with the memoranda, I believe . Mr. Samaras did not allow changes to be made beyond the PCI that we had agreed on in 2011 anyway in Brussels. It was delayed, it created a feeling of unreliability, we reached the edge of the precipice again in 2012 when we had to go to the second elections “.

It was narrated that “Seibel said ‘you will leave the euro and we have made a package of humanitarian aid for Greece’. See how Turkey is today with the pound falling, we would be even worse, and Turkey has production, it does not have as many imports as we do, imagine doubling energy and all products. They wanted humanitarian aid like Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, think about how they saw Greece as a third country, think about foreign issues, how vulnerable we would be “.

“We lifted the weight at this time, we had to have a stronger voice. We became the scapegoat victim and ND and SYRIZA, they wanted to load them on PASOK, I think people see that it was not PASOK that was to blame. “People say ‘yes you were right you did the right thing’ ‘” insisted Mr. Papandreou.

As he noted, “ND brought the memorandum, not me. I managed to borrow, we made a mechanism in the EU – I would like it differently – so Merkel and the IMF wanted it, which said ‘if you can not borrow from the market we will lend you’ on terms that were of course harsh, I wish they were not so cruel. ”

What does he think about Mitsotaki – Tsipras

“Kyriakos Mitsotakis came to do modern management, he is trapped or, in any case, surrendered to an old notion ‘to help through emergency legislation for our pandemic with supplies’, with party choices, authoritarianism, with concentration of power in Maximos.”

For the president of SYRIZA, he commented that it is “Tsipras of a different philosophy, we have been much opposed”.


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