Barvitsiotis: To condemn in practice the Turkish expansionist policy


“Europe can feel safe only if conditions of security and economic cooperation prevail in the Mediterranean region,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, announcing today the opening of the “1821-2021: Greece in the Mediterranean” conference, co-organized by the Foundation. Mediterranean Studies, the University of the Aegean, the Ionian University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Varvitsiotis pointed out that Turkey “is trying to repaint the map, setting aside the force of international law” and “we consider it very important to condemn in practice and in essence the Turkish expansionist policy of the” Blue Homeland “, which violates the rights of all neighboring states “.

He made a special reference to the Cyprus issue, saying that “in the Mediterranean is the last divided capital of Europe, Nicosia”.

The Deputy Minister stressed that Greece is facing the issue of its security in many ways, putting the Mediterranean at the center of its policy in recent years. In particular, it has upgraded its relations with Israel and Egypt, while developing multilevel relations with countries such as Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

At European level, our country has cultivated within the EUMED a strong network of cooperation with the Mediterranean countries.

In addition, Mr. Varvitsiotis noted that Greece strengthens its deterrent capacity by upgrading its armed forces, strengthens its participation in the actions of the EU hard core, deepens its strategic understanding with Mediterranean countries such as France, strengthens relations with strategic partners such as the US and exploits the geographical location in every direction.

Regarding the environmental challenge facing the region, Mr. Varvitsiotis noted that “in the context of European policy, Greece is increasingly highlighting the need for action around the Mediterranean environment.” In particular, he stressed that “we must move on to a new Mediterranean Green Deal and, of course, highlight the specifics of the blue economy and the importance they have for the EU.”

He also said that “the development of our country as a strategic hub for goods and energy is an additional guarantee of security” and referred to the importance of strengthening the country as a shipping pole. He described the port of Piraeus as “the first port in the Mediterranean, after the serious and strategic choice to connect with China”.

Respectively, he stated that the investment in the port of Alexandroupolis is progressing, in order to make Greece a hub, through which “liquefied natural gas will come to meet the energy needs of Europe”.

With this multifaceted and multifaceted policy, the Deputy Minister concluded, we want to shield our country, giving it the role of a powerful player in the Mediterranean, which looks forward to cooperation and cultural convergence between the peoples of the region.


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