Economou for Bloomberg: Greece insists on fewer months of validation of European vaccination


Greece insists on the seven months for the expiration of the European vaccination certificate from its issuance, as it appears from the statements of the government representative.

Asked about the Bloomberg article that the Commission is aiming for a period of nine months to provide the third dose of vaccination for travel within the European bloc, Mr. Economou clarified that the limit that Greece wants is what we apply in our country. :

“In our country, we apply specific deadlines for our fellow citizens who have taken the previous two doses in order to be considered fully vaccinated with the commemorative and third dose.” From now on, the government spokesman continued, it is the subject of discussion that has its scientific dimension, on which the government relied to take the relevant initiative, and we are sure that this is how the discussion in the Summit Council will move.

Regarding the vaccination, Mr. Economou stressed that the losses we have would be clearly less if the vaccination rate had been maximized.

He presented the four pillars of the government to deal with the pandemic.

1. There will be no new lockdown, nor will the NSS collapse. We have a specific framework of measures for the unvaccinated, and specific recommendations for overcrowding for all citizens. Mr. Tsipras, he stressed, seems to wish Lockdown without suggesting it. Does it suggest lockdown? He has something substantial and concrete to propose other than to oppose the coronavirus and is the only political leader in Europe. Are there workable solutions beyond the recruitments that have been made? It has no substantive proposition. We are not in a pre-election period, but a period of battle, said the government spokesman.

2. Continuous effort to increase vaccination coverage, mainly with the first and third dose.

3. Continuous strengthening of the NSS with beds by private doctors and private clinics, but also the addition of monoclonal drugs. Greece is one of the countries that is able to administer monoclonal drugs – based on specific protocols in a hospital setting. Monoclonal drugs, the government spokesman clarified, are not a panacea, and in no way can they replace vaccination.

4. Intensive checks are continued for the implementation of the measures with emphasis on unvaccinated and companies where delinquent behaviors occur.

It is noted that Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his speech on November 18 had stated that “the certificate of entry to indoor areas for vaccinated over 60 years ceases to be valid seven months – I repeat, seven months – from its issuance. That is, one month will be given for their vaccination with the 3rd dose after the end of the semester. “This is because medical data show that, over time, the defense of the vaccine is reduced.”


Regarding Turkey and the possibility of externalizing the crisis plaguing Giannis Oikonomou, he stressed that Greece is ready at all times and is on alert with all its reflexes activated to do what is necessary for our national interests. in all areas, both in the diplomatic part and in the deterrent part. “We have no signs of externalization of the crisis,” Mr. Oikonomou clarified.


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