New German government: Smiles in Athens, headache in Ankara – What analysts say on SKAI


The new three-party government in Germany is a fact and a new headache for Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just been born.

The new coalition that will take the reins of Germany and especially the new Minister of Finance Christian Lindner, who is a “thorn”, is coming under the microscope of the Greek government.

A crucial portfolio of the new German government is first the Foreign Ministry with the Greens having raised the bar in relation to Turkey’s provocation and immigration.

As for the Ministry of Finance, the analysts who spoke to SKAI estimate that, despite the presence of the Liberal Christian Lindner, the times of strict fiscal adjustment have passed irrevocably.

On the other hand, the new Foreign Minister has brought smiles to Athens.

As Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias stated, “Ms. Berbogg had absolutely correct and understandable positions in the opposition. Positions compatible with International Law, International Maritime Law, good neighborly relations, but also with the homogeneity and identity of views that the member states of the European Union have in the face of external threats. “Beyond that, of course, it remains to be seen how it will be positioned now in its new capacity.”

Nikos Dendias had started contacts with the new German Foreign Minister in February 2020 in Munich.

The internationalist and ND MP Tassos Hadjivassiliou said that “the Greens have repeatedly expressed their support for the Greek positions on a number of important issues. In the debt, in the Eurobonds, in the German compensations, but also in the challenges of Ankara towards our country and the Republic of Cyprus. But the big stake in Germany today is the country’s governance. “And that is exactly what will determine whether the Greens will keep their positions intact, or move even the smallest of them.”

Also, the political analyst Dr. Ronald Maynard, referring to the German government’s intolerance of the immigration tool, which is photographing Ankara, said:

“This is a given, at the moment mainly Ankara but also Lukashenko, this is the issue that concerns German politics these days, but let’s be honest, the priority in Germany is the pandemic, and the issues we are discussing this at the moment they probably have a back seat. ”

– Do you see the prospect of a brake on armaments to Ankara for example?

“Berlin will be a little tougher in terms of tones, if it now changes its policy of exporting weapons and submarines to Ankara in particular, I doubt there, because there are many interests and Mr. Soltz will be in charge of the government, and the shipyards are in his city. “Mr Solts, in Hamburg, we will probably see a stability in German foreign policy there.”

Regarding the freeze on the face of the new Minister of Finance, whose positions are considered even tougher than those of Wolfgang Schieble, the Honorary Ambassador Alexandros Mallias said:

“Greece and many countries in the EU have every reason to observe very closely the policy that the new German Minister of Finance, Mr. Christian Lindner, will want to implement, especially after 2023, because you know that in 2023 we will obviously have a renegotiation of terms of the Stability Pact. ”


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